Inner World

With in us there is a space, an inner world. A place of freedom, wisdom, space and authenticity from where we can operate and engage with the outside world.
A place where we can shape our character, our actions and our choices to reflect our higher self.

A sacred space, a divine space, a space we can retreat to at anytime to seek counsel.

Sit in silence, let your breath find your inner world and stillness be your guide.


A View from the Moon

When the moon pulls an all nighter

And shares the sky with the Sun

It can be reminder that we are sitting on a planet floating in space 

And it ain’t to hard to imagine sitting on the moon and looking back at (Mother) Earth 

And to see her from this point of view we recognise her as One, a beautiful living being, including us.

If we realise this and start behaving according we all grow together, with the Earth not on her


From this seat of wisdom my day is blessed

A life of abundant

Joy – so that I may celebrate all that is great with an effervescence that may light a fire in others

Beauty – as its fuel for the Soul

Economy – to be free and to give my generosity relevance

Generosity – because we are all one

Compassion – To go beyond the walls that separate and realise we are all one. To make generosity relevant 


SOUL – Self Mastery, Oneness, Uniquity, Love

Thoughts are just seeds unless watered with actions – then they grow into a garden sometimes called destiny.

Live your mantra, control your destiny!!


Beauty is the source.

Beauty is life.

Beauty is natural.

Beauty is the evidence, love leaves behind.

Beauty is the map that leads the Soul.

Beauty is the wisdom of unity.

Beauty is subjective to one’s own myth.

Beauty is objective to our collective evolution.

Beauty is the unspoken truths – held within & upheld throughout.

Beauty is creation conceived of love.

Beauty is essence.

Beauty is love. 


For most of us, we probably aren’t aware that out guts need a bit of healing in order to absorb all the nutrients from the food we eat. 
Poor gut health can be caused by stress, inflammatory substances like sugar, pasteurised  milk and refined or processed foods, bad eating habits (eating just before bed, eating too much, snacking constantly or eating mindlessly) and a lack of seasonal, fresh produce. 

The connection between gut and mental and emotional health has long been apparent to many indigenous cultures and is a pillar of Ayurvedic science – and more recently recognised by western science. The gut-brain connection is well worth exploring for those who want to learn how we truly are what we eat:

Fermented foods are a great way to  get started healing and repairing your gut. Sauerkraut is an excellent place to start and so easy to incorporate into your meals. Sauerkraut is a fantastic digestive and the fermentation process produces beneficial probiotics that are linked to improvements in immune, cognitive, digestive and endocrine function.

And it’s so easy to make yourself! Give it a try and pay attention to how your body and mind feel after eating it! 

Makes 2kg

What you need

  • 2 kgs white or red cabbage (cored, outer layer removed and saved)
  • 2 tablespoon Himalayan pink 
  • 1 tablespoon cumin seed (optional)

What you do: 
Prepare a large glass jar or fermentation crock by sterilising with boiling water. Finely slice your cabbage and sprinkle with salt allowing to sit 10 minutes.
Crush with your hands, squeezing and reducing down the cabbage to about 2/3 original volume.

(Brain food!!)
Add your cumin seeds and pack tightly into crick or jar, sealing with your reserved cabbage leaf and weighing down with either an onion or Beetroot. You need to keep the air out, so either seal with an airtight jar lid or pour a layer of oil onto surface. Make sure every couple of days the kraut is fully submerged in brine.

Keep on shelf for 4 weeks then refrigerate.

Enjoy !! 

Failure and shame need not be the same.
Sometimes we fail even though we did our best, we reached for a goal lofty enough that there was a chance we wouldn’t reach it but we had a go and did our best anyway.
For these failures we should be proud.

Strength of character and right effort are things we can control and what we should judge ourselves on – results and success will come as we sharpen our axe and choose our path.

As Within, So Without

If we humans, function as microcosms of the macrocosm that is the Earth in which we reside, the same laws of nature that govern our universe, so too apply to us.

We are NOT separate by design, to the world we’re a part of and are susceptible to the same elemental forces that control our environment. 

It is such, therefore, that a change in the microcosm, affects the macrocosm. Our inner world (thoughts, words, actions) permeates to affect our outer world (relationships, environment, planet).

Instead of perceiving all of humankind’s injustices, hatred and wars as a removed spectator, powerless to change and immobilised by fear, what if we perceived this as a physical manifestation of our own unaddressed, underdeveloped and unaware selves? – The parts of us that we often hide from others, fears we need to overcome, hindered growth and thoughts we need to upgrade.. 

Individually and collectively what if changing the world was as simple as changing ourselves?

By taking personal responsibility and honest action, we can then wholeheartedly enjoy with a clear conscience, the magic that is our life on Earth. We can claim the immeasurable beauty of our world as our own and know it, intimately, to be an extension of all that is balanced and good within ourselves. 

Heal self = Heal world

Straightening By Fire

“If a man gives way to all his desires, or pandas to them, there will be no struggle, in him there will be no inner struggle in him, no “friction”, no fire.

But if for the sake of definite aim, he struggles with the desires that hinder him – he will then create a fire which will gradually transform his inner world into a single whole.”

Ouspensky, In Search of the Miraculous via Ram Dass, Be Here Now


To fear that which can’t or need not be escaped

To not recognise or address legitimate concerns 

Is to be trapped by fear and apathy.

To recognise irrational fears and walk your path inspite of them

To address that which needs to be addressed (choosing action over anxiety) 

Is a step toward freedom, fulfilment and self mastery


Investigate the nature of your mind through meditation

Recognise where irrational, unnecessary fear comes from (choose you influences wisely)

Face, confront or ignore fears that are holding you back or not serving you