Tune In To your Inner Wisdom

Wisdom is something that lives with in us and around us.
Our bodies and senses (when not being distracted or bombarded) have an innate wisdom that is in tune with the natural world and if we can connect to it will guide us to be our highest state of being.
That wisdom is what helped us evolve into the human beings – it what guides many of us to health, happiness flourishing and fulfilment.

Connecting to the wisdom with in and around us in the modern world takes a special effort as we are offered so much information, distractions and advice by “experts”, entertainers and advertisers that we can be paralysed by an over flow of noise, distractions and impulses.


Below is some simple steps we can take toward tuning in with our inner wisdom and letting intuition guide us

Honour your Body with what You Know it Needs 
*Sleep – 7 -9 hours each night in complete darkness or moonlight
*Eat – natural unprocessed (organic if possible) foods. Vegetables, meats, eggs, a little bit of fruit.
*Drink plenty of water
*Exercise everyday – walk, run, lift weights, swim, climb, dance, crawl, stretch. Our bodies are meant to move in a variety of ways everyday.
*Spend time in nature – parks, beaches, mountains, forests, rivers.

Many of us are not doing the simple things we know would serve us.
By choosing to ignore what we know we need we practice ignoring the intuition that will lead to health, happiness and fulfilment and listening to impulse which will keep these things at bay.

Honour Your Mind by Choosing your Influences Wisely 
We live in a information age, an entertainment age. A time where devices, corporations and advertises are vying for our attention, time and energy.
If used wisely we have the opportunity to use this information to our advantage if not we run the risk of being polluted and distracted by nonsense and negativity
*Choose what you want consume
*Know why you want to consume it – how is it helping you, making you better? Is it a choice based on impulse or intuition.
*Tune in with how it makes you feel, think and behave.

Honour Your Soul 
*Take time to be Quiet and Still
the art of stillness and being comfortable in quietude are the keys to tuning into the wisdom of the world
*Tune in with your Breath
it’s a bridge to your soul.
*Practice Meditation
To sit in meditation is to become the observer, the seer –
from this seat we eventually see all there is to see.