A View from the Moon

When the moon pulls an all nighter

And shares the sky with the Sun

It can be reminder that we are sitting on a planet floating in space 

And it ain’t to hard to imagine sitting on the moon and looking back at (Mother) Earth 

And to see her from this point of view we recognise her as One, a beautiful living being, including us.

If we realise this and start behaving according we all grow together, with the Earth not on her



From this seat of wisdom my day is blessed

A life of abundant

Joy – so that I may celebrate all that is great with an effervescence that may light a fire in others

Beauty – as its fuel for the Soul

Economy – to be free and to give my generosity relevance

Generosity – because we are all one

Compassion – To go beyond the walls that separate and realise we are all one. To make generosity relevant 


SOUL – Self Mastery, Oneness, Uniquity, Love

Thoughts are just seeds unless watered with actions – then they grow into a garden sometimes called destiny.

Live your mantra, control your destiny!!


Beauty is the source.

Beauty is life.

Beauty is natural.

Beauty is the evidence, love leaves behind.

Beauty is the map that leads the Soul.

Beauty is the wisdom of unity.

Beauty is subjective to one’s own myth.

Beauty is objective to our collective evolution.

Beauty is the unspoken truths – held within & upheld throughout.

Beauty is creation conceived of love.

Beauty is essence.

Beauty is love.