There is a direct and obvious link between what we eat and how we feel. We live in a busy world full of processed and well-marketed convenience foods, but this couldn’t be further from what our bodies need to function optimally.

It is not always a simple process to change your eating habits, but personally, I think its about eliminating the foods that are wreaking havoc on your insides (you may not yet be aware what these are) and systematically replacing them with foods that actively contribute to the health of your body and mind. The difference in how you will feel and the extra energy you’ll have is well worth the initial time and effort discovering what works for you.

Where possible I will post information on how and why what we eat affects every function of our bodies. By clearly understanding the biological processes behind nutrition and how what we eat determines how healthy we are, we’re empowered to make informed choices and take responsibility for our own health. Education is key!!


These recipes and thoughts use healthy and fresh foods that are cleansing and healing for body and mind.