To balance

Strength with Flexibility 

Work with Rest

Passion with Patience

Uniqueness with Unity 

Purpose with Peace

Unconditional Love with Self Respect

Self Expression with an Open Mind 

Wisdom with Focus

To let of the ego on one hand and wholeheartedly embrace and evolve it on the other

This is the Way of the Tiger and the Monk!



Honour Gratitude with Intention

Gratitude Empowers our Past

By looking back and choosing to reflect on the things, events, learnings and beings we are grateful for we empower our past with the memory of that which was good, helped us to grow or served us in some way . 

Intention empowers our Future 

By looking ahead and setting intentions we lay a foundation for living a purposeful life

The practice of each empowers our present

Honour all you have to be grateful for by doing what you intend to do and being who you intend to be. 

A profound way to enhance gratitude and intention is to combine the two by following each blessing you are grateful for with an intention or action to honour that blessing.

Try this : 

Every night write down three things you are grateful for that happened that day, write down three things you intend to do tomorrow and write down three attitudes, values or character traits you intend bring into you life.
When you wake up in the morning re-read your list and turn your intentions into actions.